A New Milestone Is Within Sight!

I have been working long days for weeks getting ramped up to produce applications for mobile Android devices and my first app is just about ready to publish!

I have enjoyed developing software since the late ’70s and have always enjoyed the challenges of creating useful applications for myself and others including very large international corporations.  Most of my early work required screens the end user would interact with to accomplish tasks the software was designed for.  Once I started working on large business systems there often was no user interface at all.

I have been interested in developing applications for several years now but have not looked forward to having to design user friendly screens again.  So now I am trying my hand at it again and have found I still prefer to write software that runs on back-end systems.  If I keep developing some of the ideas I already have for mobile apps however, two of the apps will need access to back-end systems which will also need development.

I will keep you updated when the first application is available for you to try out but first I need to do more work on this site to prepare for the release.  You can get a sneak preview of some info about the first app already, but that too is a work in progress!


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