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The planet seems to be full of horrible events and negative thinking these days. I thought it might be a good idea to battle against negative thinking by encouraging more positive thinking.

The Good Thoughts application gives users an opportunity to create original thoughts in appropriate categories and share them with the

Create and share a good thought.
Good Thought creation screen.

rest of the world. Original thoughts are strongly encouraged but sharing a good thought by well-known authors is permitted as well. Just be sure to give the author proper credit!

The maximum length of a thought is limited to 500 characters and spaces but that should be plenty to get your idea across. Spam, bad language, and bad thinking is not allowed. The Author field should contain proper names and may include a location if you wish to distinguish yourself. Example: John Smith (Miami, FL)

View Good Thoughts
View Good Thoughts

The second tab of the application is the VIEW tab.

This screen displays the most recent thoughts and the least votes and can be sorted by category and popularity. Users can vote on a thought by tapping on the five-star rating bar. Each star represents a rank. The rating bar is not visible if it is your own thought or you have already voted on that thought.

Ban | Don’t Like | OK | Like | Really Like

Users can help police undesirable posts by tapping the Ban star. (The first star) This action will help prevent the post from being viewed.

Tips for Creating and Posting Good Thoughts

  • Posts that do not create a positive message will be deleted.
  • Posts must be more than three words in length.
  • Use the edit icon to edit or delete your shared post if needed.
  • The edit icon only shows up on your own shared posts.
  • If your post has been deleted, you have done something really wrong and my admins do not want it displayed to others.
  • If your post has been banned, edit it to correct any problems and re-submit for a better score!
  • All posts should include first and last proper names of the person who created the quote. No matter if it is your original thought or someone else.
  • If the post is your original thought, consider including your provincial region or country along with your name like I do. Such as – Dusty Reins (Texas). It makes thoughts more interesting!
  • Avoid posts that evoke controversy such as those containing religious or political content. These may be voted down by your readers. A post like “God is good.” violates two guidelines for a good thought.
  • Post thoughts that are uplifting and positive for others. A post such as “I am good looking.” are only self-serving and will be deleted by admins and should be banned by readers.
  • Do not tag your post in the -Comments- category unless you have a comment or suggestion on improvements you would like to see in the Good Thoughts app.
  • Thoughts posted in the -Comments- section may be re-assigned to the proper category by admins and the post score will revert to 0 with 0 vote count as all edited posts do.
  • Banned posts will only appear for a maximum of 48 hours before they are deleted automatically. That will give you a chance to edit or delete your own posts.
  • You should try to avoid repeating someone else’s quote or thought. View posts in the category for your thought or quote to see if it has already been written and shared.
  • VOTE on posts by other creators! Bans and Don’t Likes will reduce the overall score for the post. This is important so the overall quality of all posts will continue to improve.
  • Tap the Share icon to share your posts or those of others to social media, email, SMS text or other media. Spread the good word!

I hope the Good Thoughts app is uplifting and encouraging to you as a reader.  As a creator, you have the opportunity to improve the overall content for others. So take your time and strive to be a thoughtful and uplifting thinker for all! – Dusty Reins


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