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Share Haiku v12 Adds Editing and Comments

Share Haiku currently has users on four continents writing, sharing and reading English haiku poetry.

Share Haiku Icon
Share Haiku Icon

Revision 12 adds two new features to the application.

  • Users now have the ability to edit and update or delete their own shared poems.
  • A new section -Comments- has been added for discussion and tips users can share with one another and moderators.

I know it can be frustrating when sharing a poem only to review it later to see typos, bad formatting or other problems that could not be changed.  Now users can go back and correct mistakes, use different words or even just get rid of their shared work altogether. If there have been votes already applied, or even if your post has been banned, you now have a chance to clean up your work.  Since it is now technically a new work, all voting is set back to zero.

Previous versions of Share Haiku had no way to learn why their share was banned or get tips on how to write better English haiku. A new -Comments- section opens up the lines of interactive comments and discussion between users and moderators.

I am always looking ways to improve Share Haiku so that it becomes a better tool for sharing English haiku poetry.  Add your suggestions in the Share Haiku -Comments- section!

For more information about Share Haiku and how to get it for your mobile device, click here for the Share Haiku app page!