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Photographs, Capture The Moment In Our Space And Time

I have used photography to do just as the title suggests since I was 5 years old.  Photographs can tell many stories and I think it would be interesting to see what photo stories are likely to show up each day.

I have been working on another mobile Android compatible app which should open up the ability to do this. Worldwide.

Life Photo Today Logo
Life Photo Today launch icon.

Life Photo Today is still in the development stage but I am excited to have enough of it functional soon to begin Alpha testing of the concept. You can keep up with development progress and participate in testing by joining the DevLab Community I have set up for early testing of my applications.

So the current concept I am working on to facilitate include:

  • Share a photograph captured on an Android powered mobile phone or tablet device with a connection to the Internet.
  • Shared photographs include a caption, description and assignment to a general Category.
  • View a list of shared photos optionally selected by most recent, most recent by Category, most popular, and user contributions.
  • Viewing a single photo offers the opportunity to gather viewer acceptance of the image as valid within restrictions and guidelines in a published User Policy.
  • Votes are assessed values on a five point scale. 1 = BAN (1 ban will restrict this photo from being viewed again until it is reviewed for User Policy restriction violations by an administrator. ME; ha! 🙂  ) to 5 = Really Like!
  • Users will be able to view all of their contributions and see how other users have rated them.
  • View more details about an image by tapping on the image to reveal a user supplied description and map showing an approximate location where the photo was recorded.
  • No social interaction between users, no user identification attribution for a photo is revealed to public.
  • Photographer retains all commercial intellectual property rights to the image, while allowing a licence for a low resolution image to be stored, displayed and shared via Life Photo Today and user selected social endpoints.

Those of you who choose to get early access to this effort and help define workflow presentation and usefulness to technical issues can participate in the DevLab discussions. I hope the joint effort leads to a technically stable client-to-cloud system that is simple, informative and entertaining to use.

NOTE: For my friends who knows the label Cheeky Raider. I can see a possible companion app that falls into the “gaming” category of apps in Google Play.  Don’t know if that effort is viable but my implementation goes more toward my interests in the concept that photographs are records of a moment in space and time within the human experience.  Let me know what you think.

I have ideas for other features which I think will add more interest and value to the app but for now I need to focus on getting a viable application out for user testing and feedback. More information to add to the DevLab, feedback monitoring, new information on this site…

You see… It isn’t all about just coding the app that determines if others perceive it as available, useful or entertaining.