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Knowing When To Focus

I have been using cameras of many types since I was the age of five years old. Most of those cameras required me to focus in order to get a clear image as the final result. Sometimes we all have to focus on several different choices in life before we can see a clear result.

I have decided there is no clear reason to keep my programming skills sharpened when I am realizing much better opportunities by producing videos such as can be seen on my YouTube channels. So I am about to remove my Android apps from the Play Store except for possibly one just for fun.

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Dusty Reins – Not Just a Software Nerd!

 Dusty Reins has been developing software since 1976 for end-users and international business systems for IBM and clients.  But did you know he is also a part-time Texas cowboy, a contemporary historian, storyteller, photographer, videographer, and producer?

 Dusty established as a business venture in 1982 that is still growing and he has three YouTube channels.

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Share Haiku v12 Adds Editing and Comments

Share Haiku currently has users on four continents writing, sharing and reading English haiku poetry.

Share Haiku Icon
Share Haiku Icon

Revision 12 adds two new features to the application.

  • Users now have the ability to edit and update or delete their own shared poems.
  • A new section -Comments- has been added for discussion and tips users can share with one another and moderators.

I know it can be frustrating when sharing a poem only to review it later to see typos, bad formatting or other problems that could not be changed.  Now users can go back and correct mistakes, use different words or even just get rid of their shared work altogether. If there have been votes already applied, or even if your post has been banned, you now have a chance to clean up your work.  Since it is now technically a new work, all voting is set back to zero.

Previous versions of Share Haiku had no way to learn why their share was banned or get tips on how to write better English haiku. A new -Comments- section opens up the lines of interactive comments and discussion between users and moderators.

I am always looking ways to improve Share Haiku so that it becomes a better tool for sharing English haiku poetry.  Add your suggestions in the Share Haiku -Comments- section!

For more information about Share Haiku and how to get it for your mobile device, click here for the Share Haiku app page!


Jabber Box – Now Available in Google Play

Jabber Box Icon
Jabber Box launch Icon

Jabber Box features the text to speech and alarm manager services in Android powered mobile devices. Create text messages to play back as speech in the form of a reminder at a specific time. Save many similar messages in a common category or group and play the whole group in a random order for laughs and entertainment.

With you as a creator, the possibilities are endless as your imagination.  Like hiding your phone or tablet along with a birthday gift for a five yer old. Jabber Box can make a fun game of giving the birthday child clues to search for and find the hidden gift.

For more information and screen shots, see the Jabber Box app page.

You also may want to know the ideas for the app developed from one reason, on to other fun and practical purposes. Jabber Box History.


How One Thing Leads to Another

Cowboy Dancers
Country Dancing

I had been experimenting with the Google Text to Speech capabilities on Android mobile devices lately and wound up putting together an application purely for fun.  Once I implemented a feature to turn text into audible speech at a scheduled time, I realized I had also created something potentially quite useful too!

I am a single guy and I occasionally go out with single women I don’t know very well. Well, a situation came up (while I was working on what I had started to call the Say This app), where I was going to take a local cowgirl out for some Texas country dancing. I didn’t know her very well and had never seen her dance. I wasn’t excited about the feeling of getting stuck in an uncomfortable situation for me.  I created a fake message in Say This for use later on if I needed to.

After I picked her up, there was still a 30 minute drive to get to the club for drinking and dancing to a live band.  So we talked along the way getting to know each other.  When she began mentioning some things about her steadfast beliefs, I knew right then I was doomed if I should ever slip across her boundaries.

So I told myself to keep my opinions to myself and perhaps we can just have some good time dancing to loud live music. Not much talking.

It turned out that we were not good dance partners at all. Country two-step dancing is a close contact sport.  Contact best applied with tenderness and some finess.  I am used to taking a strong lead with timid dancers or following the rhythm of a strong dancer so we sync up.  Both strategies were just not gelling with this cute little cowgirl.

She had no sense of rhythm! I blame it on her incessant jibber jabber the whole time I was within earshot. Including the dance floor. So I decided to cut the evening short so we could remain friends.

After the second dance, we each went to our respective restrooms and I took advantage of  being out of sight by loading up the message I had created earlier. I scheduled it to play 10 minutes later with full volume due to the live music.

Then the message played…

“You have a new message from: Roberts County Sheriff’s Department.

Dusty, this is deputy Sublett, You have a fence break on Quarterhorse Road and there are about 25 head out already and could be more. How soon can you get out here?”

She looked at me straight in my eyes and said, “You need to go!” The two cowboys sitting with us at the table (mutual friends) immediately offered their help with the roundup and fence mend. But I asked my date if she minded letting them take her home.

Everyone at the table seemed to be happy with that solution. And I mean everyone including me.

On the way home, I got to thinking about my app and how useful it turned out to be.  I had been thinking it would just be a fun prankish sort of entertainment app.

I decided to dedicate the new app to the cute chatty cowgirl with no rhythm and change the name to Jabber Box. ha!


Get Jabber Box Preview Edition


Jabber Box Icon
Jabber Box launch Icon

I have published a preview edition of Jabber Box for Android mobile devices and you are welcome to try it out!

Jabber Box uses the Text to Speech and Alarm Manager systems on Android devices to turn any text you type into speech.  Play it now or schedule for later play. Put multiple messages into a group and schedule random playback. It can  be quite entertaining! One group is included called “Pocket Prisoner”.  Try it out and come up with fun ideas of your own.

The application is fully functional but I still need to design screen layouts for small and large tablets.  Although it should be compatible with 8,709 different mobile devices and several different Android operating systems, it is impossible for me to test every physical device for compatibility.

That is where the preview version comes in.  Click on the link below if you are interested in trying it out on your devices and please do give me feedback regarding your experiences with it.

The preview version of Jabber Box is now available.

Jabber Box is a free application supported by display advertising and designed for use by all ages for entertainment and utility.

Thanks for trying it out and providing your feedback!


Share Haiku – Now in Google Play Store

Share Haiku Icon
Share Haiku Icon


Share Haiku – For Android™

Creating Haiku poetry is fun and rewarding and anyone can do it! Haiku poems are short and follow some simple rules which can exercise your brain and creative thinking skills.

Share Haiku is an Android app that encourages the creation and sharing of haiku poetry written in English.  Many people around the world are learning English. Haiku poetry expressed in the English language is a great tool to learn English words and their meanings.

View the examples others have shared then try creating some of your own if you are new to writing haiku. The Share Haiku app also includes the rules and tips for getting started.

Need a challenge to jump-start your day?  Try creating and sharing a new haiku every day! Can you haiku?

Good Thoughts – Now in Google Play Store

Launcher Icon
Good Thoughts Icon

Good Thoughts – For Android™
is now available for Android powered phones and tablets.

The application gives users the ability to create and share original thoughts in several dozen categories and share them with other users. Good Thoughts is a free application supported by visual ads.

You can help battle negative thinking for yourself and others across the world by creating and sharing your good thoughts.

You will improve your positive thinking when you dwell on a good thought to share with others.  A positive exercise to start or end your day!  Others will be exposed to positive thinking when reading the good thoughts shared by others.

Let’s help build a more positive human society by creating and sharing good thoughts! And please share this post with friends if you will so they can share their good thoughts too.


Share Haiku – For Android™ Now Available For Testing


The Share Haiku application will stretch your imagination and hone your skills of observation and creative writing.  Users create original haiku poetry and view poems shared by other authors.  Users can also rank poems on a five star rating system.  During testing we will concentrate on increasing the number of shared poems in addition to testing functionality for bugs.

Share Haiku Icon
Share Haiku Icon

Members of the Dusty Reins DevLab community on Google+ are eligible to get early access to Share Haiku during beta testing. The community is open to anyone who wants to help me create better applications for Android powered mobile devices

Good Thoughts – For Android™ Now Available For Testing

The Good Thoughts application is designed to battle against negative actions and thinking (now rampant it seems) across the planet by encouraging the creation and sharing of good thoughts.

Launcher Icon
Good Thoughts Icon

Members of the Dusty Reins DevLab community on Google+ are eligible to get early access to Good Thoughts during alpha and beta testing. The Community is open to anyone who wants to help me create better applications for Android powered mobile devices.